Repair A Countertop That Is Cracked

Inadequate supports, poor craftsmanship, and the settling of your home's foundation can result in a hairline crack appearing in a countertop. This type of blemish will not detract much from the overall appearance of a counter, but can become a much deeper and longer crack if it is left untreated. Use some cleaning and patching tips to restore the countertop's surface. Clean And Apply A Color-Matched Adhesive If the counter is constructed of laminate or another solid material that is a specific color, purchase a color-matched adhesive, a hand sander, and a couple sheets of fine grit sandpaper.

Five Steps For Repairing A Water Damaged Attic

Most homeowners rarely visit their attic, which is why a small leak can lead to a lot of water damage before the problem is discovered. If you do discover water damage in your attic, the following steps can help you fix it. 1. Leak Repair Before any restoration can take place, the source of the leak must be found and repaired. In the attic, the culprit is usually roof damage, which may require a spot repair or a full roof replacement.