3 Indications Your Bathtub Could Use A Tub Reglazing By A Professional

Take a look at your bathroom and what is the one fixture that stands out the most? If you have a bathtub, this fixture will most definitely be the one. If there is anything wrong with your bathtub, it can make your entire bathroom look worn and outdated because it takes up so much visual space. Bathtub reglazing can take a dull, drab, and worn tub and make it look as good as new, but how do you know when it is time to pay for this project? Here are a few indications that your bathtub could use a professional reglazing. 

Your tub has lost its original sheen. 

One of the first signs that your bathtub could probably benefit from reglazing is if it has lost its original sheen or shine. When bathtub glaze is applied at the factory, it has a nice slick shine to it so it is easier to keep the tub clean and the underlying finish is rightly protected. If you can shine a light on your tub and there is no glare reflected back at you, it means its original luster has probably been sloughed off over the years of use. Sometimes, sheen loss occurs only in certain spots, such as on the base of the tub where you normally sit. 

Your tub has some areas that refuse to come clean. 

In some cases, you will have a spot on your bathtub that seems like it is hard to clean. You will use chemical agents, scrubbing pads, and other methods to try to remove stains, but they will not go away. What you are seeing may be spots where the finish of the tub has worn away and discoloration has set into the underlying finish. If you have experienced these spots of discoloration, it is a good sign that your bathtub needs reglazing. 

You have nicks or dips in the surface of your tub. 

The bathtub is a fairly resilient thing; it will not chip or break easily and neither will the finish. However, there can be instances when the surface gets chipped or nicked by a sudden impact. For example, if you were to drop something heavy with a sharp edge in your bathtub, the brute force could be enough to chip the finish. If you notice these spots in the surface of your tub, it is best to go ahead and have it reglazed. The small imperfections can leave the metal tub underneath the surface vulnerable, prone to rust, and prone to further breakage. 

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