3 Materials You Can Use For Your New Front Door

Your front door makes a statement. Your front door says something about your house, and the material you choose to use for your front door matters. The material you choose to use for your front door will impact the visual appearance, durability, and required maintenance of your front door. The three most popular materials for front door installation currently are wood, steel, and fiberglass.


Fiberglass front doors stand out as they are really energy-efficient. Fiberglass doors greatly reduce heat transfer through your door. In addition, fiberglass doors are really easy to take care of. All you really need to do is wipe the dirt off and keep them clean.

Another big advantage of fiberglass doors is that they come in a wide range of styles.

Fiberglass doors are also really sturdy. They are really hard to dent and take a considerable amount of force.  You are not going to leave a dent in a fiberglass door by simply hitting it with a shopping bag as you open up the door.

You can choose to have a single-panel or multiple-panel front door. You can insert decorative glass into a fiberglass door. In addition, a variety of different finishes can be applied to a fiberglass door. You can apply a finish that will give your fiberglass door the look of other door materials, such as wood.


If you are looking for a door that is really strong, a steel door is the way to go. Steel doors are incredibly strong and very difficult to break down or remove. It is hard to compromise the structure of a steel door. Steel does not warp or crack due to temperature changes. A steel door works well in even the most humid or wet climates.

A steel door doesn't have to look like a block of metal. Steel doors can have aesthetically appealing finishes added to them.


Finally, you can install a wood front door. A wood front door is a classic choice. Wood doors are popular because there is so much customization and individualization when it comes to wood doors. The type of wood that is used to create your door changes the appearance of your wood door. The color used to stain the wood changes the appearance. The particular wood grain of the tree that is used to create your door lends unique characteristics to your door. Wood doors can be customized even further with glass inserts and unique carvings.

The downside to wood doors is they require care and maintenance. You have to keep a wood door well-sealed in order to prevent the door from warping and cracking.

Your front door makes a statement. Think carefully about what materials you want to use for your front door.