Sealing Your Marble Countertops To Keep Them Looking Great

Buying new countertops for your kitchen and bathroom is a good way to update your home and marble is a great material to get them in because it comes in so many different colors and styles. Keeping them looking great after they are installed is important, and there are some things you should consider to do that.

Keeping the Countertops Looking Good

Like any countertop material, cleaning your counters regularly is important and will extend the life of the countertop. Marble countertops, however, are porous and will absorb many different things so light-colored marbles may start to discolor from things in the water or things spilled on them. One solution to stop this from happening is to seal the marble so that things cannot absorb into the stone.

Cleaning The Countertop

Before you can even think about sealing the countertop, it has to be clean. Getting a good quality marble cleaner is important. It needs to remove the dirt and anything off the surface of the countertop but not leave a residue behind. If it does, it can cause the sealer to not adhere to the marble, and you will have a mess that is hard to fix. You might even have to have a professional come and repolish the marble to get the sealer off so that you can start fresh.

Sealing The Countertop

Once the countertop is clean, you can begin applying the sealer. A throwaway paint brush works very well to lay the sealer on the countertop, and they can be found at any store that sells paint and accessories. Slowly and evenly apply the sealer to the surface in long smooth strokes, overlapping each one just a little as you go. Once the entire surface has been covered, let the sealer dry for about 15 or 20 minutes. After it has dried completely, you can come in with a clean cloth and buff all the extra sealer off the countertop. It will look white and flaky, and you need to get it all off for the counter to look great.

Did It Work?

The way to tell if the sealer worked properly is to run some water and let it get on the surface you just coated. If the water beads right up on the surface, the sealer has worked. The sealer will not last forever so when you see the water not beading on the surfaces, it is time to do it again. Depending on how often you use the countertop in question, you should get six months or more between treatments.

For more information, contact your local marble sealing service.