Steps Homeowners Should Take After Experiencing A Flood

Flooding is a major source of damage to homes throughout the country. While this is a common source of damage, it is common for homeowners to find themselves overwhelmed when they are faced with this type of issue. To avoid making oversights as a result of this stress, there are several basic tips that must be followed in the immediate aftermath of your home suffering flood damage.

Appreciate The Risk Of Flooding That Is Contaminated With Sewage

While strong storms can be a major source of flooding, ruptured plumbing can be another. Unfortunately, if this flooding occurs due to a sewer line rupturing, it could expose you and your family to many hazardous bacteria. For this reason, you should avoid touching anything that has come into contact with the water.

Move Your Items If It Is Possible

When it is possible to safely do so, you should move your items out of the water or to other areas of safety. This can increase your chances of being able to salvage these items. Also, it will help the flood repair professionals to do their jobs as it will give them more room and reduce the time they will have to spend preparing the flood area for restoration.

Document Any Damages Or Losses

Taking photographs and preparing lists of the various damages and losses that you suffered as a result of the flood can be a useful thing to do. This will make it much easier for you to claim items on your insurance. In addition to streamlining your ability to complete your paperwork, it will also allow you to ensure the repair service addressed all of the damages that the home may have suffered. When taking these photographs, make sure that you date them. Otherwise, you may have difficulty remembering the exact date of the flood due to the intense stress that can surround this event.

Limit Your Time In The Home Until It Is Repaired

Unfortunately, mold and mildew can start to grow in a flood-damaged home very quickly. In fact, it may be possible for these substances to start to develop in as little as a day or two after the flood. If you will need to wait for the repair contractors to be able to start on your house, you should make plans so that you and your family will spend as little time in the structure as possible. Otherwise, you and your loved ones may be exposed to large volumes of potentially harmful mold spores and bacteria.

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