Four Ways To Get Rid Of Lead Paint

Have lead paint in your home? If so, you may be concerned about the safety risk it can pose to the children in your home. Here are four ways that you can get protect yourself from lead paint once and for all.

Manual Stripping

The most obvious way to get rid of lead paint will be to strip it off of the surfaces. It involves a lot of care to ensure that the dust from the lead paint does not travel through your home, which is why you will want this job done by a professional.

For example, wood baseboards are low to the floor and can have lead paint chip off of the surface. These boards will need to carefully have the paint stripped from the wood until it is bare. The trick is to continually clean the surface as the paint is stripped off, which can be done by using a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure the dust does not get out and travel to other places.


The second method does not involve chipping away at the old paint at all. Instead, you actually encapsulate it by covering up the old paint. You can take a new layer of paint and go right over the old lead paint, which will create a strong enough barrier to protect the children in your home. Another option for encapsulation is to build right over the existing lead paint. You can put drywall over the surface and leave the old lead paint exactly where it is, which will give you a thick enough barrier for protection.

Chemical Stripping

Sometimes there are wood features of your home that have a lot of detail to them, making it almost impossible to strip the paint off without ruining the details. These pieces can actually be removed from your home where they are taken to an off site facility. The wood will be dipped into a special chemical that will remove all lead paint from the surface, and then taken back to your home so it can be painted. This works great for doors and other small pieces that are easy to remove from a home.

Structure Removal

Some items are easier to replace than remove the paint. This is especially true of trim that goes around windows, moldings, and other smaller materials that are cheap and easy to replace and cover with a new coat of paint.

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