Is It Better To Repair A Hydraulic Cylinder On A Tractor Lift Or Replace It?

Hydraulic cylinders are specifically designed to make it possible for more weight to be lifted than what would otherwise be possible, so these cylinders really do go through a lot. If you have a tractor with a hydraulic lift on it, you are bound to see a time come when the hydraulic cylinder has problems. One of the biggest questions owners struggle with when this happens is whether they should have the cylinder repaired or have the whole thing replaced. There is no one answer for every situation when it comes to hydraulic cylinders, but there are a few pointers to keep in mind. 

Some hydraulic cylinder problems are simple to fix

Just because a hydraulic cylinder quits working, it doesn't necessarily mean there are major problems. These cylinders are designed intentionally to be easy to fix if they have minimal problems. For example, if your cylinder isn't working because it has a fluid leak, this is usually not such a huge problem and can be repaired fairly quickly by a skilled professional. So before you immediately decide to go with a replacement, make sure you find out what's wrong with the unit. 

Hydraulic cylinder repair can be time-consuming

You can almost always have the cylinder repaired by a hydraulic repair and restoration shop, and these professionals are good at what they do. However, repair for an older cylinder can be time-consuming and costly. In some cases, the hydraulic cylinder will have to be fully disassembled and new threads cut, or other mechanical changes will have to be done. In these situations, you can expect that your bill for repair will be a little on the costly side, but it may be worth the cost considering how much a new cylinder can run. 

Older hydraulic cylinders may continue to have problems

If the hydraulic cylinder is an older model, even repair and restoration can be a temporary fix. You may have the cylinder fixed and soon after have to invest in a full-on replacement, especially if the main housing of the cylinder is in bad shape. For the most part, it is best to listen to a repair professional if they tell you the cylinder is so old that replacement would be the better option. Because a full replacement can involve additional costs for fitting the new unit to an old tractor, a lot of owners disregard the advice of the repair technician and go with repair anyway, and this is never a good thing to do. 

For more information, contact your preferred hydraulic cylinder repair service.