How To Clean And Refit Your Wood Burning Fireplace With A Gas Insert

If your home has a wood burning fireplace and you want to upgrade it to a cleaner, more efficient gas burning fireplace, a gas fireplace insert is a great option. Here are some tips to help you choose and have installed your gas fireplace insert and to clean the fireplace brick or stone to remove the build-up of soot that can result from years of burning wood in the fireplace.

Install a Gas Fireplace Insert

Installing a gas fireplace insert into your wood burning fireplace allows you to still have the ambiance and heat from a fire, but without dealing with the soot, smoke, hot embers, and maintenance issues that come with burning wood inside your home. You can choose a type of gas fireplace insert to fit your needs, including adding a thermostat to the fireplace to use it for heating your room's space.

Talk to a heating technician to have one installed, then choose the style that fits your wish list. You can choose from a gas fireplace that has an electric switch to light its flame, or one that you manually light with a match. You can also choose one that has an electric blower fan to help circulate hot air into the room from the fire. If your gas fireplace is covered by glass, make sure you install a protective grating over the glass to prevent anyone from touching the hot glass while the fire is burning.

Your technician can install the gas fireplace insert with logs to look like a real fire burning, then add venting for the fireplace. Venting to the outside is necessary for a gas fireplace, as the combustion creates harmful chemicals you don't want in your home. This can be accomplished by installing a gas fireplace vent up through your existing chimney.

Restore the Brick

Brick or stone that sits around your wood burning fireplace can easily collect grease and soot, especially immediately above the fireplace's opening. There are several types of commercial cleaners you can use to remove the dark stains from the brick, or you can try a less-harsh cleaning alternative.

Combine a mixture of liquid dish degreaser soap to warm water and apply it onto the brick. Use a scrub brush to work the soap into a lather on the brick until it begins to pick up the black residue. Use a clean, wet rag to rinse off the soap and repeat it, if necessary to remove all the soot and grease.

You can also spray on white vinegar onto the stains and let it sit for a few minutes. The acid in the vinegar will loosen and lift the stains. Wipe the vinegar off along with the stains and repeat, if necessary until all the stains are removed. Contact a company like Quality Fireplace and Chimney for more information and assistance.